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How to Produce Powder Soap or Detergent At Home

Powdery soap or detergent are mostly used in the washing of clothe, mopping of floors and many other applications that the user might deem fit. You are advised to ensure that you keep strictly to the formulation given in this short guide below:

How to Make Liquid Soap

How to Make Liquid Soap

The first thing you need to know is that making soap is science. This type of science is an exact science. There is no a little of this and a little of that. Exactly so much lye plus water plus exactly so much fat will make soap. If you get that wrong then you can burn your skin. So, if you think you are beyond following exact measurements than you should probably not try to make soap. If you can handle using a scale and weighing things properly then you can have a lot of fun making soap!  There is a forgiving margin of error, but not so much that you don’t have to weigh everything.

Equipment You Will Need to Make Soap

Entrepreneurs: Born Or Made Or Lucky?

There is always a divide as to the question _ Are entrepreneurs Born or Made. However many response ae in support of the divide that Entrepreneurs are born, not made – that what leads someone to become a successful entrepreneur has more to do with their personality and innate qualities than anything learned through formal education.

10 Signs That Shows You Are Going To Be A Rich Person

Will I Be Rich?

Success comes in many ways, but today, success in life is mostly measured in the amount of financial wealth one has acquired, which can be in raw cash or assets (land, structures, cars, jets, etc).

In this very article, we are going to examine some of the attributes or signs that will tell you if you or someone you know will be very successful in life.

The need for this article is to help the reader spot his or her selling points and channel them to a more productive effort.

Below are the signs that shows that you or someone you know will be rich in life:

Have You Heard About The 22 Year Old Girl That Makes Over $15,000 From Instagram?

While many young people in Nigeria are busy wasting their precious time on instagram and facebook following celebrities that add no positive impact on their lives, some smart young people from other countries of the world are busy creating wealth from the wonderful gift of the internet social media platforms like- facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, etc.

Today, I bring you an inspiring story of a young girl who is making thousands of dollars from the same instagram that you have been wasting your time on.

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