Why You Should Not Tell Anyone Your Business Secrets

Guarding your business secrets and confidential Information is advisable and imperative in order to prevent improper disclosure of your mojo to competitors or the public. Secret formulas, drawings, ingredients, Manufacturer's contact are all information that should be protected and never released just for free.

Too many, diluting the words of the first paragraph, would sound as a big shock, noting the fact that I have been known since time immemorial for sharing contact details/ formulas / secrets / working drawing of past- ongoing - future business deals that i have carried out successfully in the aspect of importation. Too some, at the sight of the topic will say to themselves either subconsciously or not. Ymodulus has learned. Well yes I have.

These are my reasons;
1. Favor For Favor
2. Monopolistic Behavior even when they were given such ideas on a platter of gold.
3. Some make more than u the originator, and not even remembering u

1. Favour for Favour
If you belong to the class that a favor given today will not directly or indirectly pave the way for a favour tomorrow, then you are dreaming. Even in the Holy Book of the Bible, David protecting Nabal’s cattle and expecting food in return, Jesus – Christ and God sacrificing their life and turning back to punish humans in the name of freedom of choice are both epitome examples of favour for favour.

Example 1:
This happened between me and a supposed – internet friend. November 2nd this month.

Friend: Hi! Ymodulus am Bleep from nairaland. I got your contact.

Ymodulus: Ok. How can I help u?

Friend: Please can you help me with any seller details for PlayStation 4? I saw on Alibaba but am scared as negative comments.

Ymodulus: Guy do not risk your money buying PlayStation 4 from china, they will sell you fake one of 64GB telling you its 500GB.

Friend: So please how do I get a good one?

Ymodulus: Ok call me later in the evening I will send you the contact of a trusted Seller. Also I will give you someone that will help verify the PlayStation after paying before it leaves China

Friend: Thanks so much
** Friend begins praises and eulogies **
***** I sent him all the contacts same day for free and without asking him even recharge card***

This Occurred Wednesday, 9th of November.

I tried contacting my PlayStation 4 Seller and found out I misplaced the contact. I quickly checked my Phone contacts and call this Unknown Nairalander.

Ymodulus: Hi afternoon its Ymodulus.
Friend: I know na. Afternoon boss
Ymodulus: Bros abeg I lost that my playstation 4 seller contact wei I give u. Abeg u fit send me back the contact?
Friend: *** Begins to stammer ***
*** Ymodulus calling and calling to plead for the contact***

Friend: Guy abeg, u go find me something to send u this contact o.
Ymodulus: Ok I will transfer you N1000 to go to café or get data. Send me your account details
Friend: I MEAN U GO BUY THE CONTACT. U no say na money u and me wan make
Ymodulus: ***** so shock couldn’t believe my ears. Hung up the phone ***
********** Long story Short I got the contact back via another means. Through the Q.I *****

This Happened yesterday.
A close business partner, gave out a contact to A FRIEND OF MINE sometime, now went back to ask that FRIEND OF MINE for his belt seller contact. See the conversation that ensured.

Business Partner: Oga abeg u fit help me with ur contact for Bleep ?

FRIEND OF MINE: Sorry oga. I no fit make I no lie u.
Business Partner: oga na me be Ymodulus friend wei give u my top Glass seller best clone
FRIEND OF MINE: I no na ** even begin to describe my close business partner further **
FRIEND OF MINE: U should understand that a business contact, 1 business contact can fetch you millions…. Bla blah blah and should not be given out for free. As it’s a business secret.
FRIEND OF MINE: U can tell me the belt you want, and send me the money I will help u buy

**** Long discussion and lecturing of how sharing contacts are bad continued. Phone Hung up ****

2. Monopolistic Behavior even when they were given such ideas on a platter of gold.
This is something that I experienced twice. Once with some group on Nairaland and second time of recent.

You give a lady your personal Kitchen Utensils Contact. This same lady then goes behind you asking your manufacturer that she wants to be the only sole Nigerian distributor. Also other Nigerians coming through her (Including I the Nigerian who gave her the contact).

Why are Humans this wicked? I gave her the contact without even asking her a penny and she goes behind me to tell my contact that!!!

3. People Making more Money than you will make.
All the above happenings have made me come to clearer understanding of the words Patent / trademark and likes. Before I had this text-book regurgitating definition of patent / trademark and likes etc. Lets be honest the essence of business is to make money. Most times you give out this contact for free, those you give them too end up making more money than you without showing any form of appreciation. 

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