Entrepreneurs: Born Or Made Or Lucky?

There is always a divide as to the question _ Are entrepreneurs Born or Made. However many response ae in support of the divide that Entrepreneurs are born, not made – that what leads someone to become a successful entrepreneur has more to do with their personality and innate qualities than anything learned through formal education.

Entrepreneurs Born
The biographies of several successful entrepreneurs _ as Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Theo Paphitis, all of whom left school at 16 to make their own way in the world of business, add to the impression that entrepreneurs are born not made. The idea that certain entrepreneurial traits – such as being able to spot opportunities, think differently and take risks – may be inherent has even led to a whole new area of genetic research. Other stories to support the notion of entrepreneurs been born includes - Story of the Walmart, Jae Yong etc.

My View:
My view on this has largely been affected due to my Atheistic Believe that nothing is inherent/genetic; That we are products of who we work to be _ Everything we are, We struggle and Work for. However, recently i am beginning to drop this ideology, to the other side of the divide that entrepreneurs are born and not made.

Reason For Question:
In time past, i have always argued that if i am handed just N1 Million, i will invest and become rich to the likes of Dangote, Otedola, A. A Rano, Wale Tinubu, Bello Osaghie, Pascal Dozie, Mike Adenuga but to mention a few. Today, am in that spot (have the necessary resources) which i have always dreamt to be in other to rise to the height of Dangote etc. and have found out its not easy brainstorming or finding that right idea or been a successful entrepreneur.

All these got me thinking, are successful entrepreneurs born or made or lucky?

Note: i don't believe in luck. But couldn't help chipping this in

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